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Emeritus Professor Soldatos is the founder of PGS Research, active in research and consulting in Energy Economics, Renewable Energy Sources and Strategic Planning. Ηe has been a member of the Board of the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education with responsibility of the “Economics and Management” scientific fields. He has for more than ten years Directed the Postgraduate Studies in Agribusiness Management and the Laboratory of Agribusiness Management of the Agricultural University of Athens as Professor of Financial Analysis and Strategic Planning.

Professor Soldatos has received his basic education in Athens, (Athens University of Economics and Business) and then he moved to England where he studied at the University of Birmingham and was awarded the Degrees of MSc in National Economic Planning and PhD in Economics. He worked for three years as Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and contributed to the project planning the UK Energy Sector: (“The Birmingham Energy Model”). Later he joined British Gas as a senior Corporate Planner until he returned to Greece to take the post of Corporate Planner in the Commercial Branch of the S&B Business Group.

Since 1986 Peter Soldatos has been a teaching staff member of the Agricultural University of Athens responsible for the subjects of Financial Mathematics, Investment Appraisal, Strategic Planning, and Financial Analysis. In parallel, he has closely collaborated as Strategic Planning Consultant and Organiser of Financial Planning training Seminars with large Corporations of the private Sector for over twenty years until 2010. Today he is a freelance Business Consultant in “PGS Consulting”. His research covers a wide range of fields in agribusiness, such as cost analysis, project evaluation, energy policy, financial evaluation of agricultural crops, the economics of water desalination, and the evaluation of agroindustrial chains. He has extensively published in the fields of energy economics, appraisal of conventional and renewable sources of energy with emphasis in electricity generation, the production of biofuels and the integration of systems of renewable energy chains. He has contributed in several books and has published a large number of articles in international scientific journals, such as Energy Policy, Energy Economics, Economics of Planning, Desalination, Biomass and Bioenergy, Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, etc.

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Agricultural University of Athens


Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis